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Terms & Conditions

Warranty Terms and Conditions

  • Neorest Mattress has 10-year limited WARRANTY from the date of purchase against any material/ manufacturing defects in workmanship which excludes covers, handles, and zippers
  • The warranty card should be produced along with purchase invoice proof of purchase to claim warranty.
  • The Warranty to be claimed only by the original buyer of the mattress and has the invoice in his/her name.
  • Warranty can not avail for the mattress used/kept in unconditional area/unhygienic/unsanitary conditions for health and safety reasons of staff and workers and may refuse to inspect and claim warranty.
  • Warranty is not transferrable to the re-purchase owner and limited to only the original buyer.
  • The warranty stands for the only repair of the defective parts and No Exchange / Refund.
  • Warranty excludes losses resulting from improper maintenance, wrong handling, overloading, negligence in use and using on an uneven surface, structurally not capable of handling the mattress (ie.on sharp edges/objects on the surface of the cot or base of the mattress used)
  • The company holds all rights to decide the nature of the defect and Warranty is applicable for the same or not.
  • The warranty covers only for the splits/undulations and sagging if more than (1)inch only under normal usage of the mattress and not covers due to misuse and mishandling.
  • Warranty does not cover for stains, burnings, tearing, soiling or any fluids deposits on foam/fabrics.
  • Neorest liability is capped to the maximum of the purchase price as shown in the original invoice.
  • Warranty does not cover if any unauthorized service occurred during the warranty period.
  • Claims If any, will be restricted to the court within Bangalore Jurisdiction only.

Step-by-Step Warranty Claim Procedure

  • Submit proof of damages to Neorest along with invoice and warranty card copy.
  • Neorest customer care will call you back for the confirmation and arrange for the executive for inspection and confirm the claim status further.
  • Neorest executive confirms to be repaired on site or to be shipped to the factory.
  • If the mattress is unrepairable at the site, the mattress will be shipped to the factory from your location and delivered after repair to your location at free of cost.

Delivery and Shipping Policy

All items are available for in-Factory/Warehouse pickup at free of charge between 3 to 7 working days to your residence once your order and payment is confirmed from our customer care by return mail/message/WhatsApp confirmation.

If Neorest fails to provide you within the stipulated delivery time,  you may

  • Cancel the order and receive a full refund or credit equal to your deposit within 7 working days or by re-modify the order.
  • Further, there must be a responsible person over the age of 18 years old at home during delivery.
  • The delivery fee includes delivery of merchandise, placement in the room of your choice and the removal of shipping materials. It does not include assembly or set-up of merchandise or removal of old bedding. Any and all requests of the delivery driver must be made during the delivery and please know the driver cannot return to the premises post-delivery if the wrong setup directions (i.e. – wrong bedroom) were initially given to the driver by you or the responsible person you designate.

Cancellation policy

You may cancel your order without charge. If an order is canceled after the merchandise has been shipped, the customer is responsible for the actual cost of shipping, plus a 20% handling fee.  If the order is for a custom item, cancellation must be prior to production. If the order is for a stocked item, cancellation must be prior to shipping.

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