Memory Foam Pillows

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Memory Foam Pillows are crafted with superior memory foam that cradles your head and keeps your head and neck aligned even while you sleep on your side and prevents the head from sinking.


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Support healthy head and neck alignment promoting ideal posture with orthopedic memory foam. The ability to mould to the body in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributes the body weight acting as a pain reliever and prevents possible discomforts that occur due to unhealthy sleep position.




Promotes restoration of healthy well being and aids in reducing snores due to abnormal sleep position. The therapeutic property induces quality sleep and maintains ideal posture.




Specially designed to repel Bugs, Dust Mites and Bacteria, the pillows are hypoallergenic with the power of anti-bacterial coating and materials that are not likely to cause an allergic reaction.




Manufactured with eco friendly materials, the pillows are designed to withstand the external pressure, damages or wear and tear to give an unimaginable durability providing the best ever comfort and rejuvenation.

Questions & Answers

Which is the ideal pillow for me?

It is recommended that you opt for a contour/cervical pillow if you are a side sleeper or go for a Flat pillow if you are a frequent back sleeper.

Can I stack 2 pillows for a better benefit?

It is advised to use only a single pillow for a resounding sleep. NeoRest pillows are designed to give you the best comfort and support.

Will I feel any discomfort while resting on a cervical pillow?

Cervical/Contour pillows are designed to support the head and neck alignment. The cervical design perfectly fits the alignment of head and neck so that you will not experience pain or discomfort during your sleep.

How do I order a Custom Size?

For custom sized mattresses, Feel free to fill in the enquiry form (Click here) or email us at or drop in a WhatsApp to +91 6366350009

I want to make a Bulk Order. What do I do?

For bulk orders, email us at or drop in a whatsapp message to +91 6366350009. Our representatives will call you within 48 hours.

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